Thursday, January 26, 2012

Chapter 14 of Everything's an Argument

After reading chapter fourteen of "Everything's An Argument" it was clear that it's all about the manipulation of the audience and push of visual arguments in society for decades. Advertisements used to distinguish arguments are able to convince or sway an audience to believe a certain view or views. They do this by using the three major requirements of logos, pathos and ethos. Many factors can affect the advertisement such as color, words, position of objects or images in the background, foreground,etc.  Though most advertisements usually present their arguments to a specific audience and not the whole world that might also see the advertisement. 

What really caught my attention in Chapter 14 was the "Shaping the Message" section. This section discusses the fact that images create arguments of their own. For example a photograph isn't an honest representation of reality but a reality that is shaped by the photographers point of view and how he wants his subjects to be viewed. On the following page we get an example of this. It's an image of "Leonardo 'Medicine Man' Crowdog" used to celebrate him as a Native American political activist. As told in the book it shows its audience a strong sense of solidarity among  Native American  and to make notice of Crowdog's call for renewal of Native American traditions. 
My example of this would be this poster of a father who is laying down the law with his children. By the use of making the father figure in the image bigger than the kids is to show that the father is the boss and in the upper left hand corner send a clear message to what this poster stands for. 
Parents Empowered: Your Influence Is Bigger Than You Think, The Night Dad Lost His Head

I will probably be doing something with ASPCA ads. I'm pretty big on animals and don't like the circumstances that some go through in the world when they don't deserve. I'll be pushing for the argument of stopping animal cruelty and abandonment or something closely related to that in a sense.

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